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Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun
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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Just Say No to Halloween Candy

Trick or treat, and here come the kids with satchels full of candy. Zillions of mini-portions: Snickers, Charleston chews, Almond Joy, Milky Way, Milk Duds, Smores, Twix, Hersheys, and on and on. It's the beginning of the most fattening time of year, and I'm as much of a junky as anyone else.

It's also time to JUST SAY NO to your dog, who's drooling over the Halloween booty. Not because dogs should eat better and exercise, but because excessive sugar, fat and chocolate can make him very sick! Veterinarians' journals are replete with cases of dogs that need hospitalization after finding Junior's Halloween stash. Dog's digestive systems can't handle all that fat and sugar, and chocolate can be fatal if a dog eats too much of it. At the very least, you will get the same behavioral problems that your daugter's poor school teacher has to deal with after Halloween: hyper activity, inability to focus, crankiness, and generally unruly conduct.

So PLEASE, keep the candy away from the dog, and tell your kids that it can make El Poocho very sick. Keep aromatic, upscale dog treats on hand so pup can have a taste treat along with the kids. For home-baked dog treats, check out www.dogfatherbakery.com, or www.boneappetit.com. Help the pups have a safe Halloween!!

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