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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

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Tick Tock!

Warm weather has come to the northeast United States and about time! But wait! It's also tick time!! Oh, no. Those disgusting parasites that dig in and blow up and look gross and you have to pull them out with your fingernails and kill them in rubbling alcohol or hydrogen paroxide or something. And like all their parasite friends, they lay zillions of eggs that get in your carpeting and your furniture and your car. There's a huge list of pet owners who want to ask God, was he the one who created ticks... and if so, why???

The good part is that enterprising humans have created spot-on liquids that you dribble onto your pet's skin and the ticks AND fleas stay away. Even their eggs become useless. The treatments (Frontline Plus, Program, Advantix, to name a few) make your pet's blood toxic to the parasites without hurting him/her. You can buy the treatments in pet stores. Or, hey, at The Doggie Den!! The brighter ticks and fleas "smell" the substance through the dog's skin and head for the hills. I don't know how they sense things, never met a tick that could explain it in plain English. Anyway, after you dribble the medicine onto your dog's skin, it's absorbed into his/her bloodstream and stays effective for 60-80 days. So about once a month throughout the warm seasons, apply a recognized treatment and your life will become blessedly tickless. Flealess too.

The bad part is that if you don't do something, you and your family are at risk for flea and tick-borne diseases, especially lyme disease. Can you imagine? You're sick AND you have to pull those gross lumps out of your pet's coat? Not an option, if you ask me. Make sure your family and your pets are protected.

Last thing: it's also mosquito season which we used to think was annoying but harmless. Come to find out mosquitos spread heartworm, a horrible parasite that entwines itself in the heart tissue of dogs and cats! It's hard to cure an animal that contracts heart worm, so be sure to ask your vet to test your pet then prescribe the right medicine. Don't wait! Unlike treatments for fleas and ticks, most heartworm medicine has to be prescribed by a veterinarian.