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Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Keep your dog safe over the holidays

It's oh so tempting to slip Fido a bite of Christmas pudding. But no! Dogs' digestive systems are not set up for our rich holiday treats. They cannot digest many of the ingredients that we take for granted, such as chocolate and nuts; and the result is often severe diarrhea. So, don't want to get up at 4am after an evening of holiday cheer? Limit your pup to treats that are intended for her.

In extreme cases chocolate can have a toxic effect on dogs, and even cause death. If Fluffy has consumed half a pound of Fannie Farmers' best, call your veterinarian's emergency number immediately. If somebody goofed and poor Fido is frozen in "the position" in the back yard, stop feeding him roughage. Fast him for 12 hours, but leave plenty of fresh, cool water around, 'cause diarrhea dehydrates a fellow. After that feed him something very bland and smooth for 24 hours, like boiled rice with a little hamburger cooked in for taste. Cottage cheese is a good adder too.

Like kids, our canine companions depend on us to keep them safe from hazardous materials that look like toys. Mistletoe, christmas lights, tinsel, wires, ornaments, poinsettas, and pine needles will all make your pup sick if she chews them. It's also best to put gifts where she can't get at them without your supervision, or crate her if she's allowed in the same room as the tree and gifts. Pet shops carry dog-safe ornaments that you can put on the bottom branches of your tree.

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