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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Paws in the Park

On Sunday June 12th, Save A Dog held its annual fundraiser, "Paws in the Park", on the grounds of the VA Hospital in Bedford, MA. Save A Dog is an all-volunteer dog rescue based in Framingham that has found permanent homes for hundreds of unwanted dogs. The Doggie Den works with them to raise money.

It was a scorcher of a day - over 100 degrees in the field where vendors set up booths. Many breed rescues attended, including Boxer rescue, Greyhound Rescue, and Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England. The Doggie Den donated a trainer (Janet) and equipment for the agility trials; and lots of folks contributed $5.00 for Janet to guide them through the various obstacles on the course. We all looked a bit like a wet t-shirt contest, as it was impossible to stay dry in the heat and humidity. Even the talented pups in the Blue Dog Group were slow to go into their frisbee dance act. There was lots of activity on the part of both dogs and people at the misting area and at the hoses. Some people just held a running hose over their heads! I bought a bottle of water, took a sip and poured the rest over the back of my neck. Heavenly!

There were various contests in the center of the field, including Best Dressed Dog; Best Dog Vocals; and Largest and Smallest Dog. I saw a well-dressed Cocker (in her flowered sun dress, matching visor, shoes and sunglasses) dart away from Mom to leap into a nice cool wading pool, one of many that Save A Dog had provided to chill out the pups.

Despite the heat, it was a rocking good time, and Save A Dog earned about $15,000, thanks to numerous contributors of food, equipment, and activities. If you live in Massachusetts or surrounding states, look for this event next year. It's really fun! We'll post it in advance on this blog.

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