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Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun
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Monday, December 19, 2005

Safe holidays for the Dogs

Here are some tips about how to make the holidays safe and fun for the family dog, as well as for yourself. First, be aware of holiday hazards and supervise your dog when she's exposed to them. For example tinsel, Christmas lights, wires, glass ornaments and holiday decorations can be deadly to pets. Don't leave Pup-Pup alone with any hazardous materials, not even for a minute! Make sure your holidays aren't interrupted by an emergency visit to a veterinary hospital.

To help Pup-Pup share in the fun, place dog-safe toys and ornaments on the bottom branches of your tree, and let her play with them. Attach them with string, not wire hangers. And beware of chewing on evergreen branches or pine needles, for they can make her quite sick.

Of course, she'll make every effort to convince you to share your Christmas pudding. Don't give in! Cakes, pies, puddings, and especially candies contain ingredients that dogs can't digest (rich, processed fats, sugars and dairy products). At best, such ingredients cause diarrhea; at worst, they can be toxic (for example chocolate is a big "no-no"). Does Pup-Pup deserve her share or holiday treats? YOU BET! For yummy holiday treats fit for Fido, check out The Dogfather Bakery on Main Street in Westbor (next to the Bagel Bistro); Pets Gone Healthy on route 20 on the Marlboro/Northboro line; and Pet Source, in the RK Mall in Marlboro, next to Hannaford's Supermarket.

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