Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun

Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun
The Big Dogs Wait at The Door

Monday, August 11, 2008

Little guys stick together!

We're some of the smaller guys at The Doggie Den. At you can see we like to stick together. The pack that snoozes together cruises together! The only problem is, you can probably see this a human two-seater couch. It's very hard to find room up here at nap time, especially if somebody decides to streeeettttch out. So Here I am, Reilly the 2nd guy from the left, the puggle and the most handsome one of the bunch, and I have to sit up while they all sleep. It's just not fair. So after this picture is taken, I'm gonna lay down on top of Cosmo, the black and white rat terrier to my left. He'll just have to put up with it. I hope he doesn't squirm 'cause I'd like to get some shut eye.

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