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Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun
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Friday, October 03, 2008

Fall fleas and ticks

Ah, the cool, bright days of October! The kids are settled in school, moms and dads are adjusting to new schedules, and the leaves are turning. Best season of the year!

Fleas and ticks??? But it's COLD outside, especially at night. Right! So fleas and ticks are looking for a warm winter home. The ones that live in your lawn or garden, or on your porch are redoubling their efforts to hop onto any warm body that passes by, especially furry bodies. So pick through pup's and kitty's coats for ticks and signs of fleas (like black specks on the skin, red skin rashes or signs of excessive scratching).

The best idea is to continue using a spot-on product like Frontline Plus, Advantix, or Program right up until you've had several hard frosts in your area. In Massachusetts, at The Doggie Den, we keep our pups on Frontline Plus until Christmas, then we start up again in March.

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