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Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 More April Birthdays!

Callie is two years old this week. She's one of four beagles who frequent our play groups, and she's a real sweetie. She posed for her birthday picture, then tucked into her Frosty Paws treat in no uncertain terms. We thought it very considerate of her to take care of the picture first. Callie likes to play with the big dogs even though she's more medium sized herself.

Louie turned 6 on April 15. He's best friends with Eliot (see April 2nd post) who, sadly, couldn't come to Louie's birthday. But Susan sang to him and he seemed quite content to enjoy his Frosty Paws dixie cup on top of a crate where he could keep any potential intruders at bay.

Simon P. is one of a pair of Malteses at his house. You can check out his sister Samantha's birthday post on March 19th .
Simon was three on April 12th and he thoroughly enjoyed his birthday treat. Wouldn't look up for his photo - not even for a split second! He licked it like crazy, and when his tongue got cold he carried the dixie cup into the back of a crate where it was safe for him to take a break!

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