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Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Goodies (and Badies)

Okay, it's the holidays. Christmas cookies, potato latkes, fruit cakes, punch bowls, chocolate Santas or Chanukah gelt... whatever your tradition, it probably involves culinary treats. So this is the time of the year to remind everyone: PEOPLE TREATS ARE BAD FOR DOGS!!!

This is true almost without exception. Chocolate is downright toxic to dogs and the other stuff can make them ill in varying degrees. Alcohol is a disaster. It's not funny to watch Fido lap up the spiked eggnog. Really, it isn't. It could make him quite ill. And, dogs don't digest oily latkes or shortening rich fruitcakes very well. Mostly, what comes in goes out, and canine innerds suffer as a result of trying to process it. I run a daycare, and not a year goes by that the holidays don't bring horrendous diarrhea to my lovely, clean store. Yes, we have an outdoor yard. Ever tried getting diarrhea off snow and ice?? It's not a pretty task. And the pups don't feel that good either. They drink water and lie around looking perplexed that their body should betray them so.

So please, control yourself and discipline your kids so the dog doesn't get treats other than those meant for dogs. There are losts of holiday versions of dog treats for sale out there in Walmart, Pet Source, Target, your local supermarket or your local pet store. Take advantage and make sure your family understands whose treats are whose!

And what about dress up?? By all means! Hats, suits, collars, boots, it's all cute.
just remember DOGS IN COSTUME MUST BE SUPERVISED. At all times. Left alone, they may very well decide to treat the adorable dreidel coat or reindeer antlers as toys... which means chew baby chew! And dog clothes are not safe for eating. I can't count the number of times I've looked on in sympathy while some poor four-legged tried to poop out yesterday's antlers.
So have a fun, happy holiday season - and help your pup to have one too!

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