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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things to think about before getting that puppy

Basic Dog Care     

There are lots of responsibilities in acquiring a dog,and you should probably consider them before making your decision. Taking care of them is not easy. You need to be very careful and responsible in taking care of them so you will not unwittingly harm them, or find yourself a victim of their destructiveness or their
expensive health problems.  Being a dog owner is daunting, though lots of fun.

You need to do some research to learn the basic needs of your prospective dog. For example you need to know you can keep up with his or her grooming needs. You don’t have to worry, because these basic grooming needs are not hard to meet; you only need to make sure that you won’t neglect anything since the basic ones are the most important.  Here are some  things to keep in mind:

1.  Do not leave your dog alone for long periods of time.   This should be the most important factor in your decision whether or not to get a dog.  Particularly as puppies, but all through their lives, dogs are bored, anxious and/or depressed when they're alone.  They are pack animals and pets see their people as their pack.  If your life style obliges you to be away from home for 10-12 hours a day, don't get a dog!  It's not fair to him or her;and you're likely to find yourself stuck with behavioral problems like chewing on furniture, soiling the house, chewing on themselves, excessive barking and on and on.

2. Clipping your dog’s nails – it is very important to get your dog’s nails clipped every couple of months.  If you do it yourself, make sure that you know how.  Cutting into your dog's vein is painful and will cause him or her to bleed profusely and to avoid you in the future if you have a clipper in your hand.

 You can get a good clipper from a grooming shop but if you are hesitant, you can also bring your dog to a dog salon or to a veterinarian but of course, you will be spending a few dollars on it. A well manicured dog can walk easily, without hindrances.  A dog with long nails has to constantly compensate for the awkward angle his toes are forced to assume.

3. A good bath every 6-8 weeks – it is important to bathe your dog to make his fur shiny and clean. It will also Keep him/her free from diseases and pests.  You shouldn’t forget to wash your dog’s face, eyes, and ears since these areas are the most important ones to keep them healthy and free from pests.

4. Keep a balanced diet – there are dogs that eat anything they see, which will eventually make them sick. You need to watch what your dog eats; make sure that he or she gets an adequate type and amount of food. If you only rely on processed foods, you need to very particular about the brand, since these foods usually contain unhealthy preservatives. READ THE LABEL and remember that most of the food is made up of the first two or three ingredients listed.  You should look for dog foods that contain vitamins, minerals, pro-biotics and antioxidants. These are good because they boost the canine immune system, helping to keep dogs healthy throughout their lives.   Most of all do not overfeed your dog!!! 

5. Exercise your dog - this is the one people slack off on over the months and years.  Yet it may be the most important thing you can do to keep your pet physically and psychologically well.   Dogs with behavior problems often get better with increased exercise, because the lack of it makes many breeds nervous, bored, anxious and generally prone to bad behavior.  Long, brisk walks on-leash are excellent, as are unleashed workouts in a fenced-in area where you can play fetch or just encourage your dog to run around for half an hour or so.   If your budget allow, put your pup in doggie daycare a couple of days a week.

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