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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Doggie Bad Breath

It's perfectly acceptable for your dog's breath to smell like dog food or a treat they recently ate, but what about when it smells like old food or worse?  Since dogs don't brush their teeth or chew gum like we do, it's up to us to make sure they have healthy gums and teeth.

Depending on how passive and well-adjusted your dog is, you may be able to brush their teeth regularly to help remove stuck food and give them crunchy treats that help prevent plaque build-up.  However, if your dog isn't ok with sitting still and having his/her teeth brushed, you may have to opt for having a vet do a cleaning.   Even if you brush regularly, your dog's teeth will need a deep cleaning/scraping by a vet at least every couple of years in order to keep gums healthy.

Maintenance of your's dog's diet is important for his/her breath.  If your dog eats wet food, try tossing in some crunchy kibble to help eliminate the possibility of old food getting stuck in the teeth.  Some dog foods even contain ingredients that help control bad breath.  You many want to switch to a higher quality food than you're feeding, one that has no fillers.  On the other hand, too much meat can create unnecessary deposits of food.  Look for a balanced commercial food with meat or fish, grains and vegetables.  You can also cook for your dog (again essential ingredients are a balance of animal protein, grain and vegetables).   Dogs are omnivores, so they need a mix of several kinds of food.  You can also try adding vegetables to commercial foods; also, make sure the food bowl is cleaned between meals so there are no deposits of old food.  Spoiled food can give your dog both bad breath and diarrhea!

Some dog treatas contain parsley and mint that can help clear bad breath and improve the health of a dog's digestive tract.  Sometimes bad breath is the result of poor digestion, so talk to your vet about changing your dog's brand of food or his/her whole diet.   Your dog's diet should support healthy coat and skin, and normal pee and poop.  Regular exercise can also help maintain a healthy digestive tract; and drinking water regularly loosens up particles of food stuck between the teeth.  However, if you notice red or swollen gums, brown, stained, or loose teeth, make a vet appointment for a dental check-up right away.  You'll be glad you did.

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