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Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun
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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dog Days of August

August is a time when we love being outdoors with our dogs: on the beach, in the park, on our boat,  in the yard, by the lake... wherever recreation can be had.   Here are some things to remember while soaking up this last month of summer:

When they first go out, dogs don't always realize how hot it is.  They want to run amidst all the wonderful scents of high summer.  Pace your dog when it's hot even if he's overly eager at first.  If he gets too hot and cannot expell all the excess through panting, he may get heatstroke.  Symptoms of heat stroke are lethargy, dry panting or shallow breathing, shaking, and convulsions.  If you suspect your dog has heatstroke, wrap him in a damp, cool (NOT COLD) towel and get him to the nearest veterinarian quickly.

Along with exercising your pup, take time to rest in the shade.  On hot days alternate 10 minutes of exercise with 15 minutes of rest.  Better yet, rest in the shade during the heat of the day and exercise with your dog at in the early morning and evening when it's cooler.

There's nothing about beaches that dogs don't love.  Be careful she doesn't eat the marine life, though.  To her it smells like a feast, but some forms of sea life are toxic to dogs.  And if she goes near rotting fish, she'll likely roll in it and think she's in heaven!

Boat owners love taking their dogs out on the water and the dogs seem to enjoy it too.  Make sure he has shade to lie in somewhere on deck.   In a rowboat a blanket under a seat works fine.  ALWAYS use a life preserver designed for dogs, and keep your dog on a leash.  Dog safety on boats is a lot like child safety - they can never be unsupervised.


                                         Your friends at The Doggie Den wish you
                                                      the best summer ever.

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