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Monday, July 30, 2012

Dr. Jon on Chosing the Right Breed for Your Living Space

Here's Dr. Jon's take on what you should think about when choosing a new dog.  See his website at:

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs need a huge house with a big yard. The size of your home is certainly a factor when choosing a dog that's a good fit for your lifestyle, but having cozy quarters doesn't mean that you need to remain dog-free. Today I want to discuss the real issue of your home's size as it relates to your choice in dogs, and to offer a couple of breed recommendations.

Some dogs aren't a good fit for apartments for several reasons. Their sheer size alone might be a factor; many apartment complexes do not allow dogs over 35 pounds. Dogs who require a lot of activity, such as collies, will likely be frustrated and feel anxious without room to run around. Still other dogs are very intelligent and easily get bored if they are not given enough mental stimulation... and boredom leads to destructive behavior! And other dogs are a no-go because they are very vocal or protective, barking loudly at the slightest noise or movement from neighbors. Giving your dog a safe and responsible home includes one where they will be enjoyed and respected, not constantly scolded or crated for being loud.

Some dogs, though, are an amazing fit for these smaller living spaces. They are the perfect low-key companions for apartment dwellers. Check out these three breeds who can live quite happily and comfortably in an apartment:

Pug - This small breed is a very popular choice for smaller living spaces. Their short fur makes grooming easy, although you must be sure to keep an eye on shedding. At about a foot in height and 20 pounds, they need minimal space and are typically thrilled to cuddle on the couch with you. Pugs also don't need much exercise - in fact, their short faces can make breathing difficult if they exercise too strenuously, so be sure to keep an eye on them if accessing your apartment requires going up and down lots of stairs.

Greyhound - Although the greyhound is a relatively large dog - weighing an average of 65 pounds and standing at 2.5 feet tall -they are relatively low-maintenance. Their soft, short fur is very simple to groom and these big cuddlebugs are frequently called “couch potatoes” for their low-key personalities. They do require regular exercise, however, and must have access to a securely fenced area for running at least a few times a week. If your landlord does not permit dogs over 35 pounds, consider checking out other sighthounds such as whippets or Italian greyhounds; these gentle, quiet, and loving dogs are a wonderful addition to any apartment.

Miniature Schnauzer - The miniature Schnauzer is a loving, faithful dog who thrives on human interaction. The smallest of the Schnauzer family, this miniature breed weighs only about 15 pounds. Unlike the standard and giant Schnauzer, these miniatures don't mind spending time alone. Their reputation as a child-loving dog makes them a good option for a family.

There are many more breeds that are great for living in apartments. You can learn more about apartment-friendly breeds at this link. Once you know what kind of puppy will do well in your home, don't forget to read up about everything you need to know about choosing and getting a puppy right here. And finally, when you're ready to find your new companion, check out this link to find a new pet near you.

There are many adorable dogs out there, but don't be swayed by a cute face. A pet is for life so carefully consider their needs from puppyhood to maturity.

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S. - What if you're on the other end of the spectrum and have a lot of room? Maybe you are interested in discovering which dogs will be best for your children or senior family members. You can find the perfect dog to fit your lifestyle by reading all about different breeds right here at this link.

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