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Monday, August 13, 2012

Four Seasons Dog Care

Come to PET ROCK FESTIVAL, Sunday, Sept 9th, noon to 4 pm and Susan will sign your copy of Four Seasons Dog Care.  It's at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester.  Susan'll be at the Information Tent just as you enter the festival. 

DESCRIPTION: As each season gives way to the next, your needs change and so do your dog's! And if you don't pay attention to the right things, your faithful companion can complicate your life when you least need it. For example, fall is a time when people change the antifreeze in their vehicles, so you need to look out for polluted puddles from which your dog might drink. Similarly, spring brings allergies and itchy skin, but you can avoid expensive vet visits by putting your dog on an antihistamine. "Four Seasons Dog Care" is a compact compilation of what you should think about, do, and watch out for as the seasons change. Enjoy it as an informative cover-to-cover read, or use it as a handy reference manual. It will help you and your dog make smooth transitions from each season to the next, so you can enjoy the opportunities that the changing weather brings.

Or buy your copy on amazon.com now and bring it to Pet Rock for Susan to sign.  Click here for more information about Pet Rock.

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