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Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Get Doggie a new coat for Easter!

The New England winter has hung on in a disgraceful manner. There's dirty snow everywhere, people are fed up, dog's have no clean place to pee, and once a week we get a threat of more snow! In some drinking establishments they're taking bets on whether we'll have to shovel ourselves out for the Easter parade!

Nevertheless Spring is in the air. You know it well if you're around dogs that shed.
Also the days are getting longer (yay!) and single-digit temps are history. As the weather gradually warms, many breeds of dog lose the coat that has kept them warm all winter and grow another one. They do the same thing in the fall. So it's a time when you definitely need to take Fluffy to a pet groomers. A professional "do" will ensure that old hair gets stripped out to make room for the new. If the old hair isn't removed some of it will decorate your furniture, and some of it will settle against the dog's skin. This settling is called "packing" in the dog grooming business. The loose hair packs itself down under the outer coat, against the skin. When that happens it's harder to get the old hair out, and your pup becomes ultra-susceptible to skin problems - anything from dryness and rashes to inflamed "hot spots" that your pup chews and licks incessantly. Dogs prone to allergies and eczema are especially at risk when their coat gets packed.

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