Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun

Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun
The Big Dogs Wait at The Door

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Spring Cleaning's for the Dogs

Along with March Madness, we get the reappearing yard. The snow has melted, spring rain is on the way and already there're mud puddles everywhere. My yard looks like New York harbor from the air: little brown islands surrounded by turgid water with floating debris. (I'm from New York, I can say things like that). I think people mistake my property for a recycling center; currently an abundance of soda cans, Big Gulp cups, broken beer bottles and assorted paper flyers are protecting the soil from erosion. I was outside with Daphne and Benny this morning enjoying the emerging colors and warm sun when I remembered the joy of raking rotting leaves off the gardens. Still it was wonderful.

What's not so wonderful for dog owners is that the reappearing yard contains - you guessed it - a winter's worth of dog doo. Even if you've been good about cleaning up during the frigid months, there's always a certain number of poops that hide in the snow, or just get overlooked. It's extremely important to go after those sneaky ones NOW. Fecal matter spreads disease that endangers everyone from you and your family to the lawn or garden... and of course your pets! Once fecal bacteria find their way down into the soil, it's very difficult to get rid of them. Both your pets and wildlife pick up the bacteria and carry it wherever it is they're about to go. So get out there and pooper scoop before it's too late!! I only have to think of my kitties dancing on my head in the morning (for them breakfast time is 5 am) to want the area around the house where their little feet tread to be CLEAN.

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