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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Homage to Daphne

This morning I posted a picture of my new Sheltie puppy without stating the obvious. My beautiful Daphne has died. In fact she died a year ago (May 2007) and I guess I've been in mourning ever since. Haven't felt like posting on this blog since then. I've never had a connection to any living being like the one I had with Daphne. We just knew what each other needed without any adoo. She died with the same quiet dignity with which she lived: one day I picked her up to give her the subcutaneous fluids that she had needed since developing kidney disease, and she just sighed and rested her head on my chest. It took me a couple of beats to realize she was gone. Out of respect for who she was to me, I sat holding her for quite a while, thinking perhaps it would help her process of passing. I have no idea if dog's have souls or if they go on to something else when they die. But I hope that Daphne's spirit stays with us, for she was the most generous, accepting, and forgiving creature I've ever met.

Goodbye, Daphne, love. Thank you for sharing your life with me. You were the sugar in my bowl.

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