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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ouch! Hot Tops!

Today I was at the bank and I saw a young man walking a fidgety black lab puppy from the bank across the blacktop to his car. It was about 90 degrees outside with bright sun beating down on the blacktop all day. I reached down to touch it and it was too hot for me to put my palm down flat. Imagine what it was like for that puppy!! And his owner was disciplining him for resisting.

This is one of my PET PEEVES. I know it's unintended cruelty but it still makes me crazy. July and August are months that can hurt doggie paws. Road and sidewalk surfaces get extremely hot and dogs will often not complain until their pads are actually burned. At The Doggie Den, our parking lot is blacktopped, so we recommend that customers pull right up to the door to avoid a hot trot. You might want to do the same wherever there's blacktop. Paw burns are one of the most unnoticed doggie discomforts of the summer!

Blacktop is the worst culprit, so if you can find a concrete, brick or light colored stone surface to walk your dog, go for it. If you must cross hot blacktop, do it quickly! Or better yet. CARRY YOUR DOG! Never stand with your dog on a hot surface. Of course, the best solution is to walk your pup on grass or dirt where your town or city permits. And it's always a good idea in extreme temps (hot or cold) to check your dog's paws frequently. Know their usual color and look for unusually dark or uneven spots.

If your dog whines, limps, or licks his or her pads after a walk, it's possible he or she has been burned. Ice down all four paws as best you can and call your vet right away!

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