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Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cleo the Great (Dane)

Cleo is one sweet Dane! She's taller than most kids, and has a deep, serious bark.. but she's a wuss. She loves leaning up against you and gazing into your eyes as you give her a good rub. Cody (the yellow lab behind her) is one of her pals because, like her, he prefers people and easy-going canines. Both are terrified of the little ones, especially if they yap. Cleo does think it's strange that Cody likes to retrieve toys, though. If you throw a toy for her, she just looks at you as if you'd taken leave of your senses.

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Anonymous said...

Cleo loves her days at the Den. She was so, so, so timid when she started and slowly she is becoming more confident with her friends at "school". Susuan and her staff really love all the dogs, but I know Cleo has a special place in their hearts:))

Berny Nolet a.k.a. mom