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Monday, January 05, 2009

Watch out for frostbite!

See these puppies all cuddled up on the sofa? This is most likely how you're dog has lived all of his/her life. Even if you adopted a stray who has lived on the street, he or she has adapted to life in warm temperatures. So be careful when your dog is outside in below freezing weather. PUP IS NOT PROTECTED FROM COLD AIR, COLD SURFACES OR WIND! Even if he or she might have been in a different life. A huskey who has worked as a sled dog in Alaska since puppyhood is protected and can endure extreme cold. A huskey who has lived in a centrally heated environment is NOT!

If, while outdoors, pup lifts or licks a paw, stops walking, whines, limps or look imploringly at you, he or she is probably in danger of frostbite. Don't assume it's just the sting of salt on the roads. And DON'T RUB THE PAD SURFACE as this can damage frostbitten skin. Get the dog to a heated area as quickly as possible. If s/he's small enough, carry him/her. If not coax pup to walk with you even if s/he limps. Sometimes overly cold dogs will lie down on a frozen road or snow path and refuse to move. In this case, if the dog's too large to carry, whip out your cell phone and call for help in the form of a heated automobile.

Sometimes putting the most painful pad next to your skin helps. Like slipping a paw into your glove or mitten, but don't rub! Your warm breath on the pads can also help. But main, get the dog's feet out of contact with the cold as quickly as possible.

Once your dog is back in a warm space, keep an eye out to see if licking, lifting or limping continues. If it does, consult a vet immediately.

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