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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Buyer Beware! Unsafe Daycares

There are lots of veterinarians, groomers and kennel owners who decide to add dog daycare to their service offerings. Some are qualified to manage dogs in packs, but many are not. And many create environments that look cute but could be dangerous to your dog! Experienced daycare providers know that:

1. Every surface in the environment must be securely affixed, washable and disinfectable. None should be porous, loose, or permeable. No plaster (they'll eat it), curtains or hangings (they'll pee and vomit on them and tear them up); or ornate beds (they'll chew and swallow pieces).

2. No matter how well you supervise dogs at play, they're going to get into things they're not supposed to - so make sure there's nothing "verboten" in their environment.

3. The only objects the dogs have access to should be industry-approved toys and equipment. Beds and crates, for example must be washed and disinfected every day!

4. Toys should be examined DAILY to make sure they are not damaged or broken in such a way that a canine guest could get a piece lodged in his or her throat or intestines. For example rope toys made of string are a big no-no.

and last but not least

4. If it's too cute it's probably not a safe environment!

Some daycare play areas, for example, include fabric hangings that can be ripped and eaten; they also hold odors, bacteria and viruses. Rubber or other relatively porous flooring also retains germs and odors and can be dug or chewed up. Many daycare environments are designed to charm people, but are not right for dogs.

At The Doggie Den, all of our play areas are surrounded by sparkling clean ceramic tile walls. The floors are non-slip industrial pvc tiling that cannot be ripped up or chewed. Our toys are those recommended for daycare providers by the American Pet Care Association. Our beds and crates are also industry approved. The couches in the play areas are covered by removable, washable covers and are disinfected frequently.

Come see for yourself ! The Doggie Den is truly the best dog daycare in central Massachusetts.

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I never woulda thought of this stuff. Thanks!