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Lotsa Dogs Lotsa Fun
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Well-Groomed Dog

At The Doggie Den Maria grooms your dog the way you like! Tell her what you want and she'll do it! Our prices are all-inclusive: a high end, all natural shampooing, a blow-dry, a haircut to your specs, trimmed or filed nails, and clean ears. For example meet Roxy, a lhasa apso that a customer brought to our salon all matted and messy. She was too embarassed for us to photograph her in that condition! The customer had been ill and unable to brush Roxy, so she needed Maria's help. Maria patiently dematted. bathed, conditioned and brushed Roxy's coat; and here's how she looked when she went home!

And here's a poodle when he arrived:

And here he is, ready to go home! (There's more light in the "before" picture, so it looks like a different dog from the "after", but it's the same guy!) Notice how much more self confidently he stands once he looks like a pro!

So would your pup like a makeover? Of course he would! Give us a call: 508-393-6970.
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